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Common Responses to Grief

The following are all natural and normal responses to grief:

  • A feeling of tightness in the throat or heaviness in the chest
  • An empty feeling in the stomach and loss of appetite
  • Restlessness and a need for activity, accompanied by an inability to concentrate
  • A feeling that the loss isn't real, that it didn't actually happen
  • A sense of the loved one's presence, such as finding yourself expecting the person to walk in the door at the usual time, hearing their voice or seeing their face
  • Aimless wandering, forgetfulness and inability to finish things you've started
  • Difficulty sleeping, frequent dreams about your loved one
  • A tendency to assume the mannerisms or traits of your
    loved one
  • An intense preoccupation with the life of the deceased
  • Intense anger at the loved one for leaving you
  • A need to take care of other people who seem uncomfortable around you, by politely not talking about the feelings of loss
  • A need to tell, retell and remember things about the loved one and the experience of their death
  • Crying at unexpected times.