Joint & Spine Institute

Joint and Spine Institute

The Joint and Spine Institute at St. Joseph Medical Center offers a wellness-oriented orthopedic joint replacement program for selected individuals needing hip or knee surgery.

Navigators in the Joint and Spine Institute manage care among doctors, nurses, and physical and occupational therapists. Patients occupy their own area of the Institute, where they’re fast-tracked for a successful recovery that includes in-hospital rehabilitation, in-home therapy and outpatient physical therapy, as needed.

Most patients go through various therapies together – a major morale booster, according to patients who’ve gone through the program. The Joint and Spine Institute offers free seminars every Tuesday at 9 a.m., to people living with joint pain. Participants can ask questions, explore options and learn what to expect before, during and after joint replacement surgeries.

For more information about the Joint and Spine Institute at
St. Joseph or to register for a free knee and hip seminar,
call 816-943-2366.

Before Surgery

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