Emergency Services

Emergency Services

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The highly-trained medical professionals in the Emergency Department at St. Joseph Medical Center are here for your peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week. St. Joseph has earned Chest Pain accreditation showing that when patients with chest pain come to the Emergency Department they know they will receive the care they need. St. Joseph has a proven track record in providing the best possible outcomes in heart care.

All Emergency Department physicians are trained in emergency medicine and nurses are certified in advanced cardiac life support and emergency pediatric nursing.

Emergency Department
Whether it's a sore throat, cuts, broken bones or a life-threatening event, our team is ready. The Emergency Department is one of the Kansas City Metropolitan Medical Response System's Designated Haz Mat Centers with personnel that are trained and have the equipment necessary to work with patients exposed to hazardous material and weapons of mass destruction (biological, chemical or nuclear). The staff of the Emergency Department have also received training relating to mass casualties in case a large disaster should occur.

To access any of the Emergency Department's services, use the west entrance. There is a covered ambulance entrance and parking for emergency patients only.

For more information about the Emergency Department at St. Joseph, call 816-943-2710.