Blog Posts in March, 2019

St. Joseph Medical Center Wins Community Impact Award for State of the Art Senior Behavioral Health Center
Mar 25, 2019

Medical Center to Host Senior Summit to Showcase Senior Care Services to Community On Thursday March 14, St. Joseph Medical Center, along with nine other South Kansas City businesses, were awarded a Community IMPACT award by the South Kansas City ...

Treating to beat heart attacks and strokes
Mar 19, 2019

Having some leg discomfort or cramps after walking and exercising can be a common problem for folks as they age, but it can also be a sign of something that may be far more serious than getting on in years. Peripheral artery disease is a common ...

Kansas Man Saved from Heart Attack by 10-minute Screening
Mar 1, 2019

Calcium Score Screening Leads St. Joseph Doctors to Find Four Blockages in Heart of Man without Symptoms; Hospital Lowers Screening Cost to $40 Curiosity led William Holland, a 70-year-old Kansas native, to have a calcium score screening last ...