Lactation Support Program
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Lactation Support Program


How you feed your baby is one of the most personal choices you will make when your newborn arrives. Whether you choose to bottle or breastfeed, we support your choice. In recent years, research has revealed many advantages to breastfeeding for the mother, infant, family and society.

Because many mothers want to breastfeed, but find it challenging, St. Joseph offers a Lactation Support Program. If you have questions or concerns regarding breastfeeding, you may request a private consultation from the Lactation Support Program. There is no charge for this service.

Here are some indications you may need a lactation consultation:


  • Infant not nursing well within 24 hours
  • Neonatal intensive care infant
  • Infant with oral/facial anomalies
  • Multiple births
  • Infant requiring supplementation for medical reasons
  • Infant not gaining weight


  • History of breast surgery
  • History of unsuccessful breast-feeding
  • Maternal illness or disease
  • Flat or inverted nipples
  • Nipple trauma from nursing
  • Excessive blood loss during delivery

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For more information, please contact our lactation consultant
at 816-943-2027.



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Voice of the Patient

  • “I enjoyed both the classes and the exercise. I seemed to get better with the exercise program the longer I attended, which, of course, is the whole point!”
  • “I admired the professionalism of the staff. They were all very cheerful and kept the classes lively and enjoyable. They all are a credit to the hospital.”
  • “Everyone who knows me and my exercise regimen, including my doctors, did not think I would find value in Cardiac Rehab, but I did and it was thanks to the staff.”
  • “The bond that develops between the class participants was an unexpected bonus!”
  • “The most helpful part of the program was the quality care provided by the five nurses. While running on the treadmill, I watched them work with and encourage each of the other patients. You have a great staff!”
  • “The entire program was excellent. The classes were great and the nursing staff was very knowledgeable.”
  • “This program is excellent; it was vital to my full recovery and restored health.”
  • “The program was outstanding. All of it was well planned and the staff was very professional; I appreciated their pleasant smiles and friendly voices.”
  • “The most helpful part of the program was clearly the nursing staff. They took time to clearly define and answer all questions and their working knowledge of anatomy was communicated in terms that all could understand. I especially benefited from the in-depth reviews concerning how the heart worked and how procedures and/or drugs could work to correct issues.”
  • “Thank you for your support and for guiding me through this difficult time. Words cannot express my gratitude for all you have done. Your kindness and compassion is greatly appreciated.”
  • “I was overwhelmed with your kindness and caring.”
  • “Thank you for your extraordinary kindness, guidance and support.”
  • “I could not have done this without you.”
  • “You all are my angels.”
  • “Thank you for your support in a time when I was freaking out.”
  • “The Breast Center put the care in health care.”
  • “I really did not have any comment about how it could have been better. I have been to (patient named 3 other area hospitals) and have had surgery at all three of those facilities. None of them even compare to St. Joseph. I’ve had very good experiences there. Your staff is very welcoming and if I have to have another procedure done. I plan on going to St. Joseph.”
  • “I think that the nurses did an excellent job in taking care of me – they were always there. They did just an excellent job-that’s what I really have to say. And the doctor too did an excellent job taking care of me. I found I got excellent care at St. Joe. I had a very good experience there and I highly recommend it. I had no problem whatsoever.”